Battle against our Rivals

Novalee Lopez

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Come out and show your support for the football team and for the spirit squad Friday Oct. 27. We will be going head to head against the schools rival, Bernstein for the paddle yet again. The game will surely be a nail biter and one that you will not want to miss. If the team plays anything close to how they played two weeks back against the Belmont Sentinels then they should have no problem keeping the paddle for another year.

The spirit squad, which is the cheer team, marching band and dance guard, will be putting on another entertaining show like they did for pep rally. I am sure that the football team and spirit squad have been putting so much time into this game since it is the most memorable game out of the entire season. Alumni, parents and Hollywood fans make it a point to come down for Homecoming every year to be apart of this experience. You don’t want to be that person who misses out.

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