All-new Blade Runner hits theaters tomorrow

Blade Runner 2049 tells the story of a police officer (Ryan Gosling) in future Los Angeles, a new blade runner, on a journey to find a hidden message that would otherwise destroy what is left of humanity. On his way, he seeks out the former blade runner Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) and attains information from him that could change the trajectory of life for good.

The movie, directed by Denis Villeneuve (Arrival (2016), Sicario (2015)), stars Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Robin Wright, and Jared Leto.

Following the original 1982 Blade Runner starring Harrison Ford, 2049 clones it detailedly in story but brings much more production value to the audience through heavy use of special effects and CGI. The luxury of today gives us unforgettable cinematographic effects that 2049 utilizes to best enhance the ride, including a scene of Frank Sinatra’s hologram serenading Officer K from within a glass cage (playing a joke on the old coin jukebox). Ridley Scott said in a recent interview, “When I directed the original Blade Runner thirty-five years ago, I had no idea how iconic it would still be.”

Though Scott’s initial outlook on Los Angeles 2019 proved inaccurate in the first Blade Runner (we still await flying cars and a dystopian society today), Hollywood had not failed him in advancing the movie industry so much so that it allowed unlimited control over every aspect of the sequel, taken over by Villeneuve, giving way to a whole new world. 

A revived epic, Blade Runner 2049 looks to be a promising addition to the original legend. We will just have to wait and see, but until then, here’s a sneak peak:

Catch Blade Runner 2049 at Arclight, The Chinese Theater, and all other theaters starting tomorrow, Friday, October 6!

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