Simple Tips to Pass Finals

Katherine Quezada

Chronicle Reporter

Every year at the end of each semester high school, college and even middle school students are stressed due to finals week. Everyone struggles trying to study for their upcoming tests that will determine if an individual passes the course or not. It leads to sleep deprivation, stress, and possibly anxiety for those who are on the borderline of passing or failing.

If you are a student who does not do well under pressure, stress or simply cant seem to be well organized when studying for finals, here are a couple of tips that one can use to lessen their stress and maintain mentally stable so they can succeed in passing all classes with good results.

Manage your time: Prioritize what you need to study on. If a student has a final on math the next morning, study for that specific class the night before. It would not make sense to study for History if that final is in three days. Procrastination is not a good thing to do at all, many students stress more because of having the obligation to fit in a lot of knowledge in one night, take it day by day and it will be easier to accomplish.

Be Organized: Put your phone away and only have the supplies you need for that subject you are studying on, it will allow you to focus more and not feel so stressed about having to study for other subjects. Use highlighters and labels for things that are still unclear and ask your teacher for help.

Take small breaks: If you are a person who cant sit still for long, study for 30 min to an hour and then take a five to 10 minute break, it will be easier to stay focused.

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