Watch out for April Fools

  1. Stephanie Starks

Chronicle Reporter

Did you know that April Fools was created by the same guy who made peanut butter? George Washington Carver, who was born some time around the 1860s, can be responsible for the creation of April Fools, along with peanut butter! Just kidding, George Washington Carver did not create April Fools, but the chemist did in fact create peanut butter, along with Nutella( kidding again). April Fools is a famous day for creating pranks and pulling jokes on loved ones for a good laugh. If you cant think of anything; here’s a few of my favourite pranks.

1. Mixing MnMs and Skittles-This prank is just pure evil. All you have to do is get a bag of skittles and a bag of mnms and mix them together. Put them in a bowl and watch your friends suffer. Chocolate and the sweet flavour of skittles is not pleasant. Trust me.

2.Switch Out Someones Shampoo for Hair Dye- The title is self explanatory. Make sure the person thinks their shampoo is misplaced and pull the old switcheroo while they’re in the shower. Nothing is more shocking than opening your eyes and seeing your shower stained with green. Imagine how hilarious it would be, watching somebody come out the bathroom looking like the human embodiment of the Grinch!

3. I Know You’re Somewhere Out There, Somewhere Far Away….- Have an ex you want to get back at? Text them lyrics to a song with no context. For example, you could text them “Talking to the Moon” by Bruno Mars and watch them freak out. “I want you back, I want you back. My neighbors think im crazy, but they don’t understand..”  They would be unable to say anything except”uuuhhhh”.

4.SURPRISE- This prank might take sometime. Act really suspicious around the person and make it seem like you’re planning a party. Be really obvious about things too, and spoil it for them. But when the day comes and they’re really expectant, do absolutely nothing. Its terrible really, thinking someone is going to throw a party for you and then nothing.

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