Senior Projects Done

Katherine Quezada

Chronicle Reporter

Senior year projects. Something 12th graders don’t like to hear. Every year during second semester that’s all what seniors talk about and stress over until their day of the presentation. This year senior presentations were held after school on March 2.

Students were dressed professionally, ready to wow the judges with the research they worked hard on almost all year long. Topics ranged from Serial Killers to Medication should not be given to Children under a certain age. All very interesting topics.

“The senior project was very stressful but taught me how to be very organized and I know it will help me in the long run with college. After all the research it was worth it” said Annie Karaelian who based her project on Child abuse.

Some tips for upcoming seniors next year and the following year are to not stress the presentation so much. According to seniors the hardest part is the research and essay itself. Everything after that is a piece of cake.

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