Go watch Beauty and The Beast

Sharon Ulloa

Chronicle Reporter

Come and see a glimpse of the live action remake of Walt Disney’s original movie, Beauty and The beast, in theaters Friday, March 17.

It’s been 26 years since the 1991 film, Beauty and The Beast. Disney announced on March 2016 about the remake of a new live action, 3D, fantasy film of Beauty and The Beast.

Emma Watson plays as Belle, a beautiful young woman that lives with his father in a little town. Belle’s father ends up in a beast’s castle. Dan Stevens plays as The Prince / beast, a young prince who gets transformed into a monstrous creature by a witch’s curse. Belle trades her herself for her father’s life to be saved. Bella then is his prisoner that soon falls in love with the beast and breaks the beast’s curse. Then they live Happily ever after.

If you wanna end your week great and start your weekend off ‘magical’, go to the closest theater, El Capitan or Chinese Theater, which showtimes start early this Friday.


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