Find Dory in Netflix

Crimson Reporter

Joshua Alejano

Where you too busy on June to miss out on Disney’s fishy friends back on action. There is no need to panic, because around the end of January and early February it was release on Netflix.

People speculate that Disney allowed Finding Dory to be release in Netflix because it was a basic copy of the original. It was proven that it had similar concept. Both Movies had a missing family member, they had a near death experience with birds, and they have a group animals that say a repetitive word.

Finding Dory is about a forgetful fish accompanied by Disney’s other beloved fish Nemo and Marlin. She goes on a journey across the ocean remembering her past and trying to find her beloved parents. She meets her old friends and was reunited with her parents.

The overall moral of the story is that family is important and we should never lose contact with them.

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