Ditch the Date and Watch a Movie

Catherine Lee

Chronicle Reporter

Well today is Valentine’s Day, but I’m pretty sure not every one of you really care. If you are like me, single and have a lot of time to spare, I recommend you guys to go watch a movie. Every Tuesdays, movie tickets are only $8 at Regal LA Live. You only have to take the Red line and get off at 7th and Metro street.

For those of you that are under the age of 17, listen up what movies you guys should watch if you guys actually go today. Remember the Lego movie from three years ago? Well the sequel, ‘Lego Batman Movie’ is out and it’s top on the box office. The movie is based on DC comics with a twist of humor. If you’re looking for some romance, the theater also shows ‘Space Between Us’ a sci-fi movie about a boy from Mars in search for his father in Earth.

Another movie that might be worth watching today would be ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’. It is said that the sequel is better than the first one. The movie is basically about Keanu Reeves showing off his awesome action moves out for revenge. The movie is rated R, so unless you’re seventeen or older, you will have to visit the theater with a parent. However, don’t ever go with your parents if you are planning to watch ‘Fifty Shades Darker’. The new sequel is said to have more of suspense but it won’t be a good idea to watch with your parents on your side.

With these movies ahead of you, why won’t you and your friends ditch the generic Valentine’s Day dates and watch a $8 movies that’ll hopefully make you feel less lonely this Valentine’s Day.

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