Bill Nye the Science Guy is Back

Katherine Quezada

Chronicle Reporter

The last generation of the “90’s babies” graduate this year later in June. Many of them grew up watching cartoons and shows on different network channels such like Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Disney Channel.

Clearly old shows have left our tv screens and new ones have shown up replacing the old ones. Going from “The Rugrats” a cartoon show that reveals the world from a baby’s point of view and the adults are often being clueless. To “ICarly” a show where a teenage girl and her two best friends have their own internet webshow and become internet webstars.

The way people watch TV nowadays has also changed completely. In the 90’s they watched on a actual television with cable or if you didn’t have cable you would watch with a antenna and only had a couple of channels to watch. Nowadays people have a huge variety of things to watch and don’t even have to worry about switching shows because you can come back to where you left off later.

Many people now watch shows and movies with apps such like Netflix, Hulu and they’re watched on laptops, PCs, tablets and even smart phones.

If you were a fan of “Bill Nye the Science Guy” and wish for it to come back than your wish has been granted. Netflix has announced that they will make a new show called “Bill Nye saves the world” premiering April 21 and will be very similar to “Bill Nye the Science Guy.”

Throughout the show Nye will be educating and informing about different science topics.

The best part about this is that you can finally binge watch all you want, can learn some fun scientific facts and the last of the “90s babies” won’t have to give up at least that part of their childhood just yet.

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