Women march for their rights

Guadalupe Huerta

Chronicle Reporter


This past Sat. Jan. 21, there was a worldwide march to protest against President Donald Trump and support women’s rights. Many people went to support, from women to men to children to dogs, young and old. Even a few celebrities , such as Ariana Grande, Rihanna, and much more, attended the march. The posters were very creative. Some of the posters contained song lyrics and movies quotes. One poster had a song lyric of a Justin Bieber song called “Love yourself”. It stated , “My momma don’t like TRUMP and she likes everyone”. These poster were very creative. Even a few of our own Hollywood High School staff and students attended the march.

Neil Fitzpatrick, AP European teacher, said, ” I thought it was a fabulous day for Los Angeles. Really, having half a million people peacefully assemble for a good cause. I think it was a great day.”



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