The ‘Queen of Brooklyn’ Mary Tyler Moore passes at 80

Stephanie Starks

Chronicle Reporter

The beloved Hollywood star, Mary Tyler Moore, sadly passed away early Jan 25. Those of you who have seen many of her appearances may know her as the vibrant wife on The Dick Van Dyke show, or as an actress who portrayed witty characters who changed television and the roles of women.

Her iconic acting has impacted the very ideals of the roles of women in her era and has left a dent in many subjects such as women’s rights. In her show that aired on CBS in the seventys, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, she addressed many subjects that might be considered controversial. The character she played was a very hardworking and passionate woman, much like herself, who happened to be single. That was a huge difference from the normal sitcoms that showed women as wives who tended to the children.

Mary Tyler Moore could be considered a feminist of her era who inadvertently stood up for women and changed their role and their rank in society. Mary Tyler Moore, an authour, an actress, an activist, will be dearly missed and her mark will forever be implanted in Hollywood history. You can find her star near Hollywood Blvd and Orange Street.

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