Senior-write-this more like Senioritis

Justin Wright Chronicle Reporter                                                                                                                  
Many teens slack off during their last year of high school. Once they get their college acceptance letters, they take fewer classes, drop out of extracurricular activities and let their grades slide. Those who aren’t going on to college feel free to “zone out” in class. After all, they believe they’ll never use facts about Shakespeare or the Civil War once they graduate.

In the meantime, senior year often remains a waste of time in other people’s eyes and many adults don’t care. They may view senior year as a transition year between childhood and adulthood. It is the last chance to be free before taking on the responsibility of a job and rent or the challenges of a full load of college courses.


Just being a Hollywood High School senior at itself can be very stressful and make you wanna just let up but don’t. The walk at the bowl is sure to be worth it so keep going and finish strong.

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