Find out who your Class Favorites are

Catherine Lee

Chronicle Reporter
The Senior reception for the favorites of Class of 2017 was held yesterday after-school at the auditorium. The winners were given trophies and certificates that included their names and their titles.

The winners include….
Sara Medina and Ruben Salazar Moreno for Miss & Mr Hollywood.
Leilani Turcios and Kyle Brammer for the Best Smile.
Agnes Arzumanyan and Spartak Ashimyan for the Best Eyes.
Cheyenne Dioh and Akili Nkosi for being the Most Talented.
Leah Sutherland and Cameron Haywood for the Most Spirited.
Aisha Locsin and Ernesto Moreno for the Best Dressed.
Daisha Campbell and Valentine Zinchenko voted Most Likely to Succeed.
Vanessa Centeno and Anton Bharwani-Burman was crowned as the Class Clown.
Ceirra Little and Surmier Cunningham for the Most Athletic.
Tai Jones and Royer Perez was voted for Most Likely to be Famous.
Adriana Hernandez and Dale Bockelman as the Most Likely to Live the Longest.
Amaris Moody and Alek Berg won the Most Likely to Work at HHS.
Finally, the Best Squad went Courtney K., Kelly P., and Alexandra H. for the ladies and Kyle B., Dylan L., and Surmier C. for the guys.

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