Can you make the 3%?

Angie Duenas
Chronicle Reporter

This past Nov. 25, marked the addition of new shows to Netflix, including Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and the 3%. The 3% is the second original Netflix show to come out from Latin America, specifically Brazil.

This show is set in a dystopian future where only 3% of the population can go on and live in the Offshore. The Offshore is a paradise contrasting where the 97% of the remaining population live. To get to the Offshore, everyone gets a chance when they turn 20 to go and compete for a spot in the 3%. The competition consists of many tests including logical and psychological tests.

For any Hunger Games or Divergent lovers this is the perfect dystopian series. This series includes dramas, romance, and action. Everything needed for a good tv show. Although it is in Portuguese you can adjust your Netflix sound to dub it to English or Spanish. Give the show a try, it is worth it.

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