What it means now that Trump is President

Vanessa Centeno


Congratulations America, you have chosen to elect Donald Trump rather than the first female president of the United States.

Great, no big deal, so what?

At the same time as Trump supporters celebrate the victory of their misogynist leader, millions of children are in their room putting together a backup plan with their parents. This backup plan consists of only one thing and that is what to do if one day these children come home to an empty house. What will these children do when one day “papi y mami” don’t come home? The idea that 12 year olds, 5 year olds, even younger, might have to prepare and worry about this is brutally sickening. Imagine your younger sibling, niece, nephew, having to go through this. But this is what America has elected.

Today husbands and wives look at each other and realize that this country has taken a step backwards. The LGBTQ community is wondering how it is possible to elect a candidate and a running mate that would rather take money from HIV funds and implement them into “conversion therapies.” Couples once again live in fear of being governed by a party that has done nothing but root for the bills, laws, and orders that would punish them for loving. But America elected to resurrect this hatred toward gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders.

Tonight the same people who chanted, “We hate Muslims, we hate blacks, we want our great country back,” at a rally in Manhattan, are the same people who will now believe that they are in the right. Muslim women now wear (if at all) their Hijab in fear of violence and oppression. The same man who called Mexicans racists, mocked the disabled, and plans to ban Muslims is now our president. This country has elected the man who fears the demographic shift in America

Our country will now be led by a man who has been accused of sexual assault, a man who called a woman a pig, a man who encourages other men to go ahead and “grab them by the pussy.” For the next four years the face of our country will be Donald Trump. At the same time as he claims to respect women more than anyone, he continues to demean women by calling them, nasty, “not his type,” and openly admitting an attraction to his own daughter.

The issue, however, is not all about Donald Trump. The problem is with those who chose to follow him, encourage, and support him. These people will make the “others” feel unworthy, dirty, and try to demean us as much as they can. The problem is that minorities will begin to believe they are ugly and unworthy.

If you are a woman, you are beautiful. If you are queer, you are loved. If you are Muslim, you are fearless. If you are Latino or Black, you are not alone. I am here, and we may no longer be with her, but we are with each other.


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