Spark in gym causes evacuation


Joshua Alejano

Chronicle Reporter

A fire broke out during third period. The fire was located around the pool and  the small gym, no one was harmed during the process. There was no injuries and minor damage to the area, faculty said.

Staff were trying to calm people down. Students were scattered everywhere, they didn’t know where to be. Everyone was on the field until lunch time. The students were confused.

“ I was so confused of what was happening. A lot of my friends are everywhere, so I’m going to be anywhere I want to be,” said Viviana Gutierrez.

Many of the students reported the smell of rubber but no one really reacted. Many of the students and staff thought it was just kids who were messing around with the alarm again.

“ I was at the gym with a couple of my other classmates during third period, the alarm started in the middle of the class, no one reacted and we were told this around the end. I thought it was just a drill,” said Yovanni Xoyatla.

Girls from the third period are not allowed to go back into the locker room, until the end of the day. Students who have P.E. in the small gym will had a modified schedule and go somewhere else.

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