Haunted Places to Visit

Catherine Lee

Chronicle Reporter

Halloween may have passed , but for some of us, it might not be satisfying with just candies and costumes. There are few places in LA that are reported to be haunted, including the world famous Hollywood High School.

It is said that the school theater is haunted by not one, not two, but by three different spirits. One of the spirits that haunt the theater is said to be a student named Toby, who shot himself. Other spirits include a girl that hung herself and a teacher wearing grey. Many witnessed the spirits shutting doors and making strange sounds.

Another haunted location that’s near would be Hotel Roosevelt. It is reported that many saw reflections of the late Marilyn Monroe when they would take pictures in the mirror located at the  lobby.

Until now it is reported that there were total of 102 suicide counts at the Pasadena bridge. There are stories about people witnessing a man leaping off a rail but when they go to help, there’s no one there. Many also say that they encounter a women crossing the bridge, when they swerve the car to miss her, the lady vanishes.

If you didn’t have that much of fun this Halloween, I dare you to visit one of these places and spend the best of your post-Halloween moments. It will surely bring up the thriller and the shiver up your spines.

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