College Center provides seniors with college application assistance

Anayareli Huerta
Chronicle Reporter

The end of November is approaching and for most students, this is good

news because they are able to enjoy their Thanksgiving week away from school.

However, for seniors, this is not good news considering that college app
lication are due in less than three weeks. College application deadlines for UC’s and Cal States are due at the end of this month, on November 30th, and

seniors are struggling to finish their college apps.

The application processes are challenging to complete and require lots of time, and that is why the College Center is now offering seniors help.For the next two weeks, the College Center will be open everyday after school from 3:00-5:00 pm to help seniors with theirs college apps. Seniors will have a chance to ask questions, receive help from counselors and staff, and receive a guiding hand from the College Center.

If you’re a senior and in need of application assistance, you are welcome to come. The College Center is open to everyone and all senior s are encouraged to go and take this great opportunity.


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