Becoming a Magician With Doctor Strange

Stephanie Starks

Chronicle reporter

    The famous Marvel comic book, Doctor Strange, is finally getting its movie debut, releasing this Friday, November 4th. Starring famous actors like Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton, the movie is expected to do well in the United States, proving anything but subpar in the international box office.

     Debuting in 1963, the occult tales of Doctor Strange begins with him as a well-known surgeon who thought highly of himself. His entire career was changed when a car accident ruined his hands. Unable to do surgery, Doctor Stephen Strange seeks out healing, but is met with the failure of traditional medicine, leading him into his mysterious life of choices. These drastic changes brought Doctor Strange into the world of magic and power. Now he is forced to choose between his inner good will and his overwhelmingly large ego. 

   Doctor Strange was originally a character to created to stimulate the mind of the ‘psychedelic’ children of the 60s. James Dyer from Empire Magazine was one of the many people overseas who enjoyed the mind-boggling aspect of the Marvel film, describing it as a “… bizarre and beautiful detour on the Marvel journey…” Adding a bit of humor, he includes, “Not to be watched under the influence.”

  If you enjoy movies like these, make sure to check out Doctor Strange, premiering this Friday!

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