Scare yourself silly in The Basement

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Gabriel Garduno

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Halloween is creeping on us by the day. Don’t you want to get in the Halloween spirit with your friends and yell for your life. Besides watching scary movies , why not experience the suspense of being one of the people who try to escape.

The LA Basement is the place where you want to go with your group of friends to get in the Halloween spirit. The basic idea of The Basement is escape by working together solving puzzles to get clues, discovering the truth of why you ended up there, as fast as you can before the time runs out and you’ll end up being the most recent victim. Working together is the key of survival so choose wisely who you decide to take with you. You’ll also learn communication skills as well set your title as the team leader within your group. There are rooms in which you work through, the basement, the boiler room, and a new one, the study.

The whole experience takes one to two hours. The Basement is located on 12909 Foothill Blvd. Sylmar, CA 91342. Will you escape, or will you see your life perish before you know it?

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