A Night Amongst the Gods

Jun Lee

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This year’s senior prom took place at Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Downtown LA, with a Grecian theme titled, “A Night Amongst the Gods.” It was on May 13 and started at 7 pm.

Photo Credits to Mr. Rahshan Briggs
Jasmine Chavez (left), Emani Mack (center), Audrey Spain (right)

The menu included a Caesar salad for an appetizer, the main course consisted of a chicken breast, steamed vegetables, and riced topped with ricotta. The dessert served was a chocolate mousse cake.

After dinner the students enjoyed three hours of continuous dancing. This year’s prom court included Emani Mack as king, and Quenarii Lampkin as queen, according to unanimous vote announced by Assistant Principal Samuel Dovlatian.




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All photo credits to Mr. R. Briggs

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