Get Paid for Good Grades

Lorena Robelo

Chronicle Reporter is a website that offers scholarship money just for receiving good grades and partaking in school activities. Its objective is to motivate low-income students to excel in school and apply to college. There are about 12 Hollywood High School students currently enrolled in this website.

“I was kind of worried of how I was going to pay for college but with programs like these, it makes me stress a little less,” said SAS junior Itzeel Padilla.

All one has to do is register and answer a few personal questions, like ”Are you a U.S. citizen or resident?”, nothing too threatening. Next, he or she is given a range of schools (universities) to follow that offers scholarship money. Then one enters in their grades and they gain money. One can also enter extracurricular activities, community service hours, and awards achieved for more money.

There are levels one must reach to unlock new universities and new scholarship opportunities. The more classes and grades one submits, the more likely one gets to unlocking the level and getting offered more money.

There is an opportunity for you and your friend to win $100 easily if you recommend and send a link to your friend to register.

If there are worries about tuition fees, this would be a great opportunity to get money.

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