Meet the voice behind the morning announcements

Jun Lee

Photo and Website Editor

Every morning while you are half awake eating your breakfast in the class, you hear the beep to the start of the morning announcement. It used to just notify everyone of the upcoming events and was far different than how it is now.

Aleksander Berg, SAS 11th grader was asked by William Kong, SAS 12th grader to do the morning announcements with him. As the school year began there was a change to the daily notification given by the leadership students. Students and staffs noticed the changed when new fun facts were introduced in the announcement.

One reason there was a change to the style of the morning announcement was because “most people didn’t listen to them and a lot of classroom didn’t even pay attention to them,” said Aleksander. He took the initiative to capture the students and staffs’ attention by bringing in the weather forecast as a start, later adding history facts from the “History Channel” and fun and interesting facts from Reddit. The fun and little entertaining facts in the morning did capture the students attention overall.

Even with the addition of the fun facts, it would not be fun unless the person announces it enthusiastically. “[I’m] not a morning person, I actually come in exhausted,” states Aleksander and “in that 30 seconds I’m actually speaking, [I’m] just being loud and being exciting”

Aleksander states that he will be continuing next year and plans on adding new things to the morning announcements.


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