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Jun Lee

Photo and Website Editor

The 6th annual Hollywood Idol is rapidly approaching this year, with another thrilling performance organized by James B. Carmicle, SAS English teacher.

Carmicle was inspired to create this show a couple years ago when he was driving and heard “electronic dance music” on the radio. He said that this music made him want to “create a show for the talent of Hollywood High students” where they would they “would be able to express their talent.”

Hollywood Idol started off in 2010 with performers lip syncing, then singing live the following year in 2011 and has been a live performance since then. However in 2012, Hollywood Idol was forced to take a break due to the re-modelling of the auditorium. Despite taking a break in 2012, Hollywood Idol has brought its amazing performance to the audience to the present day.

Throughout the years of organizing the event, Carmicle noted that the difficulties he faced was that some students did not come out to the rehearsals or some dropped out leaving him in a complicated situation to changing the acts around.

Despite some difficulties he faced, Carmicle continues to bring the event to the school each year.

This year students and staffs can expect a new and a spectacular Hollywood Idol scheduled on April 1.

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  1. This event provides our talented wonderful students with an opportunity to dance and to sing and become the performers they always wanted to be. Showmanship and entertainment is the draw that encourages students year after year to become a part of this Hollywood High School tradition. Wonderful story, Jun, and thanks to the Crimson Chronicle for covering this salute to students who seek to become the best in their entertainment fields of choice. Hollywood Idol 2016–the best of the best.

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