Transgender Awareness Day Celebration in the Quad

Lorena Robelo

Chronicle Reporter

     Sheiks exemplify their acceptance by celebrating Transgender Awareness Day this Friday, Nov. 20, in the quad. The LGBT Club are collaborating with the Los Angeles LGBT Center, a provider for LGBT services, to celebrate Transgender Awareness Day, a day to commemorate transgender people who have died through suicide or any form of death.

    The LGBT Club will be in the quad with the assistance of the Los Angeles LGBT Center that works with adolescents to educate people on what it is to be transgender, the deaths of transgender youths and adults and other transgender related topics. They will have three guest speakers, including student, Paris, to speak about their experience being transgender and other transgender related topics. There will be a disclaimer before hand to speak about the rules and certain questions that are not appropriate to ask. 

    President of the LGBT Club, Ryan Alba said, “I am happy to have this event celebrated and known at school because it is important for everyone to know how to accept and be open to everyone and know that there are casualties within the transgender community.” The LGBT Club are getting ready for Friday and are bringing the transgender flag.

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