Welcoming Back Hollywood’s Alumni

Destiny Wiley-Yancy

Chronicle Reporter

Former Sheiks will reminisce good times and first loves over barbecue at Alumni Day 2015, an annual event coordinated each year by the Hollywood High School Alumni Association. It is scheduled to take place tomorrow in the Cafeteria.

This year’s theme is Western and guests can expect to be entertained by the Dance Enhancements, a fusion of Hollywood’s past cheer, drill, and dance members. 

Former Sheiks have long held the tradition of hosting Alumni Day; the beginnings of the Alumni Association date back to 1907. One of the Association’s long held traditions is Roll Call, which individuals from each class identify themselves and then engage in impromptu patter about their class.

There are many elements that go into consideration when planning Alumni Day. It’s tough “trying to keep things within a reasonable period of time on a program [while] providing some entertainment, some awards and performances,” said Dave Moreno, Hollywood High School Alumni Association Secretary.

Assembling a congregation of Hollywood’s eras under one roof is among the things the Hollywood High School Alumni Association does on campus. Working behind the scenes, sometimes without recognition, the Alumni Association funds many of the extracurricular activities on campus.

Longtime patron of Hollywood High, the Alumni Association gathers funds each year to purchase materials for the Preforming Arts Magnet, athletic teams and, the Academic Decathlon team.

The main function of the Hollywood High School Alumni Association, however, is to provide scholarships to deserving seniors said Moreno. Funds are generated through donations at Alumni Day and letters sent out to benefactors.

Looking to expand and grow, the Association’s latest project is their new clothing line, HHS Nostalgia Apparel. The website is expected to be up next month, for inquiries visit www.hhsalum.org. All proceed will benefit the Association and Hollywood’s future Sheiks.

In regard to Sheiks knowing the historical significance of their campus and the particular rarities that occupy their campus, Moreno emphasized student involvement.

“Everything in [the museum] belongs to the Alumni Association, and eventually to you guys” Moreno said. “We want to make sure you young people are aware of what’s in [the library] and aware you have it–why it’s there. We have to be sure we take care of all of that, so you guys have something to look for.”

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