Rushing into the sports industry

Vanessa Centeno

Sports Editor

NFL player, Quentin Jammer was the guest host for the session,”Making your way in the wide world of sports,” during the Taste of Tomorrow event on Wednesday Oct. 14.

Jammer shared his experiences in the sports industry to advise and also inspire the young students that have set their hearts to making it all the way with their talents in sports.

Jammer comes from a small town in Texas where playing sports was always his passion. “There was not much to do. Growing up all we did was play sports,” said Jammer.

Jammer played highschool football at Angleton High School in Texas and continued his career in the University of Texas at Austin. Jammer was the fifth pick in the NFL draft in 2002, and began his NFL career from there. Jammer currently plays for the Denver Broncos.

Leaving his hometown was a dramatic change in his life but the recruitment process was “the best experience in sports.”

Although having nothing but positive experiences his most difficult challenge was balance. Balancing an athlete’s schedule is more complex than most can understand, there is almost never time for anything other than sports and school. “It’s a difficult thing to do. The schedule is hard,” said Jammer when asked how he managed to spread himself out for football and school.  

Jammer’s main advice is to stay focused, never to lose track of the goal which is to be the best. Students in high school often lack discipline and slack off in school, but Jammer encourages young athletes to prioritize and earn their way to the top. “If you can’t even set yourself up up for a four year school, then you won’t be getting the scholarship,” said Jammer emphasizing the importance of maintaining grades to not only graduate, but to earn a scholarship.

Jammer understands the importance of working to reach a goal but also stressed that enjoying the sport is just as important. Without the passion there is no drive.

The NFL star left a series of wise words for the students that came to the session, teaching from his experiences.

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