Clinton v. Sanders in Democratic Debate

Lorena Robelo

Chronicle Reporter

    During the Democratic Debate on Oct. 13, all eyes were on Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. The other candidates faded into the background while Clinton and Sanders battled it out.

    Clinton and Sanders are very strong willed people in politics. Sanders is what one might consider “a hard core liberal” and Hillary is considered “a hard core feminist.” They both have firm beliefs on multiple controversial topics and that definitely showed in the debate.

    One of the topics discussed was gun control. Clinton is for gun control and is completely against the National Rifle Association (NRA). She has an F with the NRA. Sanders on the other hand is neutral about gun control. He believes that sellers are not responsible for shootings but he believes that the government should enforce background checks. Therefore, he has a D with the NRA.

    Powerful corporations was another topic discussed in the debate, such as Wall Street. Clinton supports Wall Street and their stocks while Sanders is completely against it. Sanders believe that they lose and misuse Americans’ money, especially when dramatic falls occur in the stock market. Clinton believes they benefit the United States and assist Americans economically.

    Clinton and Sanders went back and forth in the debate but one thing they did agree on was Clinton’s emails. When Anderson Cooper, this year’s democratic debate host, asked Sanders for his input on Clinton’s emails, Sanders replied that he did not care and that he’s “tired of everybody talking about those goddamn emails.” He claimed that those emails do not represent how Clinton will be as president. Clinton thanked him, and shook his hand in gratitude. Although they are competing against each other for president, they got along well especially during commercial breaks. They both will make excellent presidents one day.

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