SAS teacher will not return next fall after 25 years of teaching

Vanessa Centeno

Chronicle Reporter

Ten teachers will be displaced due to lack of funds and although the usual routine is to remove teachers by years of seniority, a social studies teacher has been displaced after 25 years of teaching generations of Sheiks.

David Payne, SAS history teacher, will not return next fall although having been a part of the staff since 1990. There have been other reported teachers who have been notified of their displacements, but with different circumstances. A math teacher has been displaced with a seniority of one year, and an English teacher has been displaced with only one semester on the staff. These teachers were expected to have been removed, not a teacher who has given the school 25 years of dedication.

Payne declined to comment.

Payne is one of five SAS teachers who are being displaced, taking the staff count in SAS from 17 teachers to 11; one teacher is leaving voluntarily. SAS is the most affected by the displacement. With a population of about 500 students, SAS will now teach with only 11 teachers while PAM, with a population of about 350, remains with 13 teachers.

Read the upcoming May issue of the Crimson Chronicle for the latest news on the displaced teachers.


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