Annual Open Mic hosted last Friday

Vanessa Centeno

Chronicle Reporter

The annual Open Mic was hosted on Friday April 17 in the cafeteria by LACER and the band Hollywood Live.

Students were able to perform any of their talents, whether it was reciting a poem, singing with a band, or playing an instrument, anyone was welcome to participate.

One of the performers was Melissa Navarro, PAM junior, who sang along side her band MLM. MLM is also known for inning Hollywood Idol 2014 and gave a fresh performance for this year’s Open Mic.

They performed a mash up of Rolling in the Deep, Sweater Weather, and Apologize. The twist on this performance was that the band’s drummer, Marlon, was beatboxing to the music.

Other performers rapped, sang, recited poems, and played instruments to express their love for their talents.

“It was awesome and it was great. The talent was mesmerizing and it’s great to see they have a genuine passion,” said Melissa.

About 100-150 people came to support and more are encouraged to support or perform.


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