Write offs continue at Rancho Dominguez Preparatory

The Los Angeles Teachers Association’s state write offs was hosted in Rancho Dominguez Preparatory on March 21. 25 schools from all of Southern California participated in this event where the Chronicle reporters placed 5th in the newspaper sweepstakes. individually the chronicle reporters placed 1st in op-ed, 6th and 10th in news, and 5th in sports.

Writers were allowed to bring a thesaurus, dictionary, and a stylebook, but were prohibited from using any type of electronics that could be used for research during their competition or they would face disqualification.

The reporters were given one hour to complete their articles after being given a presentation by speakers.

The news and opinion writers based their articles on a student who was going to be expelled from school due to a controversial artwork he created. The writers were given a scripted presentation and were then assigned to a computer lab to complete their assignment.

The features writers were given an assignment based on a person who has an obsession with a special sauce they put on every one of their foods.

Sports writers were introduced to George Fong, the director of safety and security in ESPN, who gave a presentation and spoke to the writers that would then write a story on Fong and his career.

After the competitions there were several speakers that came to talk to the students about college life. There were college sessions and a keynote speaker that came to Rancho Dominguez. Then began the awards ceremonies where the Crimson Chronicle copy editor, Steve Montoya, won first place with his opinion editorial.

The next competition will be in Denver for the national write offs, where 4 of the Chronicle reporters are eligible to participate in.


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