Thoughts on super-seniorism

Ray Reyes

Copy Editor

A super-senior is a person (I’d hardly say a ‘scholar’) that must take a fifth year of high school due to not completing their requirements, being behind credits, or both. I myself, I got lazy.

Everyone I tell, they act so shocked, so surprised that I might as well have said I have cancer. Surely it’s not something that is said with pride, but it’s not as shameful a thing as it’s been made out to be.

Yes, I failed several classes. I did, however, manage to hold a consistent ‘A’ in both of my years of Algebra II and Trigonometry with Mr. Bah. But as many students know, Mr. Bah’s class is mostly based on passing his tests. The problem with myself, and I imagine, many super seniors is (again) laziness. If Mr. Bah had put more weight on homework, I can’t say I will have done as well as I did (but I’d still be as skilled in math).

For whatever reason, some students just don’t make the cut on time. A few might consider dropping out, but I’d say that it’s best to stick around the extra year. Me, I’m just not sentimental enough to care that much. I screwed up (repeatedly) and I will reap what I have sown.

The irony of the situation is my perceived skill with words, considering the fact that I failed two consecutive years of english. I am now, in fact, copy editor for this very publication.

But whatever amount of genius I possess does not change the fact that I did not ‘achieve the honorable’.

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