‘Spring Awakening’ comes to Hollywood

Ray Reyes

Chronicle Copy Editor

Duncan Sheik’s Tony award-winning rock musical Spring Awakening will be performed this coming spring by the performing arts magnet.

Spring Awakening deals with issues of coming of age, sexuality, and censorship.

“The play deals with things completely relevant to student lives today,” said Magnet Coordinator Paul Itkin.

Some previous performances at other high schools have had issues with censorship of content and language. When asked about the possibility of the play being censored for content, Itkin said that no problems are expected.

“The play is about censorship, it’s as timely as ever,” said Itkin. “In terms of educational value, it is important that people are on a road to become better human beings.”

The musical is expected to do well and the overall feeling towards the outcome of the show among prospective cast members is optimistic.

“I think if we give this our all give this our full attention and effort, we can make it a great show,” said PAM senior Kira Morrison.

Among other choices for the spring musical were Jaques Brel is Alive and Well in Paris and Rock of Ages. The cast will be announced Feb. 14.

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