Administrators pull the plug on Leadership’s event

Vanessa Garcia

Administrators pulled the plug on Leadership’s lunch event this afternoon, leaving students puzzled over whether or not they have seen the last of Sprit Fridays.

After a series of warnings, Craig Alessi, assistant principal, disconnected the entire sound system while a student was still participating in the freestyle rap. The crowd complained loudly when the music stopped.

Eduardo Hernandez, SAS Junior argued to Alessi that there were alternatives ways that could have prevented such an incident.

“When I tell you to turn it off, it means turn it off,” Eduardo said Alessi yelled at him in front of other students.

During today’s activity students were playing the “Human Object” game, where students were asked to build a human pyramid. Things took a wrong turn after a student was dancing suggestively on top of another student.

Administrators asked the event committee to end the game and go on to another game.

“What we saw was not safe for outside on hard ground,” said Alessi. “I don’t think it was monitored the way it could have been today.”

A meeting has been scheduled on Monday to decide what will occur next.

Leadership Coordinator Randall Fenderson said next week’s Friday event maybe cancelled.

“It is important for administrators to actually cooperate with leadership because little events like Sprit Friday raises school sprit,” said Jessica Vicente Torres, SAS senior.

Gerardo Chan, Holly San Nicolas, Ray Reyes, Azniv Derdezakyan, and Erika Salazar contributed to this story.


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