Staff Editorial

The new seven period schedule will prove to be a little confusing in concept and execution for us students, especially sophomores and juniors who are used to the old system.

One major change would be the removal of advisory. For freshmen, this change may be quite difficult, since it has proven to be an excellent bridging environment for the transition from the junior high to high school mentality.

Juniors and Sophomores who are used to having advisory may endure a loss that would be more personal. Advisories have largely developed into close knit communities since the students all stay in the same class for every year. In this system they have something regular to center themselves in when changes happen and new things and challenges enter their lives. By changing it up, the students stand to lose that sense of regularity.

Perhaps the most irksome challenges faced by some students, especially the advanced ones, would be the inability to leave school early after four classes. Rather than enjoy the free time some students have been working toward, they must take electives that they did not plan for.

There will always be a series of hiccups in any serious change to the lives of students and staff in a high school, but over the years the Sheiks have proven themselves ready to face change and adapt to any challenge. In a year, the troubles that may be incurred could very well devolve into little more than a conversation starter.

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