The Gibson Amphitheater Demolished


Come September, the Gibson Amphitheater will be no more, reduced to rubble in order for a Harry Potter attraction to materialize. Where will students get cheap tickets now? This is the only venue in California to have cheap tickets. Tickets are usually sold at $32 to 500.All the concerts that have gone through that stage will be nothing more than a memory.

This theater has been at Universal Studios since the 1970s when there was just music and drinking. This place was where Bob Marley, Madonna, Freestyle Explosion and many other artists performed.  Now it is being demolished for the upcoming the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

That is the the only thing coming out of demolishing the Gibson Amphitheatre. Finally, a new attraction to see instead of the same old rides. Let’s face it, Universal is long overdue on new things. It’s just the same old tram, the Simpsons ride, Jurassic Park, The Mummy, the House of Horrors, etc. Maybe this Harry Potter World is just what is needed.

The down side to it; no more cheap tickets. Where on this earth would there be a place like the Gibson Amphitheater? Karen Ramirez former student at Hollywood High School said” The last concert that I went to at the Gibson was when Marilyn Manson was there and it was wicked,  I loved ever last minute of it.


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