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Land A job This Summer

PRESENTING YOURSELF TO POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS Job hunting is work, and as a teen you will need to dress appropriately and be open to communicate with the interviewer very well during the interview to ultimately land the job. Although Los Angeles is a casual town, teens should never appear for a job interview dressed too casually. A first impression is often a lasting one, so it is helpful to dress to impress.

PREPARING FOR YOUR INTERVIEW It is a good idea to prep for an interview by practicing with a friend or parent. You might want to plan ahead by rehearsing and answering the types of questions an employer may ask. Be willing to fill out as many job applications to land a job. It would be a good idea to have your social security number ready and a resume.


It’s fine if you have no work experience. Instead, you can create a resume listing your interests and activities, which will give employers a sense of your skills and background. You might want to get familiar with the places to which you are applying for. Do your research

BE PERSISTENT Following up is really important! When the employer observes you and stops several times to look at your application, they are more likely taking you serious. You might want to remember to be warm, gracious, and respectful in their choice. A “not today,” doesn’t necessarily mean a “no” tomorrow.

BE FLEXIBLE In the beginning, you WILL need to be flexible about when you are willing to work, for most part do not asked to start on complicated schedule. You need to be able to work don’t make it hard for the employers fix your schedule. Remember they are other people who want at job. You might be able to land a full time job

JOB IDEAS FOR TEENS You will want to consider applying to local retail stores, grocery stores, movie theaters, and theme parks near their home. If you live in a safe neighborhood you can also create your own landscaping, delivery, babysitting, tutoring, lifeguard and dog walking businesses. Where there is a will, there is a way! You can consider printing flyers or business cards and distributing them among your neighbors as well as asking people if they know if they could use help in their businesses or around their home.

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