Runners compete in city prelims

     Six runners from Hollywood’s team competed in City Prelims on May 16 after doing well in the Central League Finals. Unfortunately,the six didn’t do as expected, crushing their chances to compete in the championship.

    “Everyone did their best,but sadly they did not make it to the next round,”  said senior, Karla Hernandez.

Those students were Dulce Mandujano in the high jump event, Karyos Tyus in the high jump event, Jackai Hernandez in the pole vault event, Andrew Vargas  in the pole vault event, Ronald Clayton in the 100 meter dash, Alfredo Robles in the 2 mile event and Karla Hernandez  in the 2 mile event.

Although the team was not able to move on, they did do very well in the central league finals on May 9 at Belmont High School, coming in third place overall. Both the boys varsity and girls varsity team won numerous events advancing them to city prelims. Frosoph boys placed in third while girls placed last. Sophomore Issael Castro did exceptionally well, winning first place gold medals in both the 800 meter event and mile run. It was the last meet of the year for all five schools including Bernstein, Belmont, Miguel Contreras LC and Robert F. Kennedy High School. Bernstein High School placed first.

    “My four years have been a joy ride and it sadly has to come to an end. These have been best years of my life, ”said Karla Hernandez.


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