PAM student wins big in music competition


PAM junior Ayla Stackhouse won first place, taking home $1,000 from the Rotary District Music competition for her performance of “The Girl in 14G” on March 9 at Loyola Marymount University.

Stackhouse now has the opportunity to perform in May at Santa Barbara Rotary conference before 62 of it’s club members from all over California.

In the past, only one other student, Cassandra Godinez, made it to the district level. Due to practice for showcases, Godinez was unable to make the regionals.

The song Stackhouse sang was originally performed by Kristin Chenoweth. “I heard my friend sing ‘The Girl in 14G’. I felt bad singing it because I had stolen it from her, but it showed all my singing abilities,” Stackhouse said. “It was a very challenging song and the melody of it was good.”

“When I first walked in I wanted to walk right back out people were playing different instruments, girls were singing opera, and I was just really intimidated.”

Stormy Sacks, magnet coordinator and vocal teacher, said Ayla has a great future ahead of her. “Ayla made the rotary and the district level, she won the two and now it’s to the next step,” he said. “I always encourage our students to audition and in the future I hope more can make it.”

One of the judges was equally encouraging. “Ayla was really great and the song choice was really good version to showcase,” said Rotary contest judge Marlene Dove. “Yes, I think Ayla has the ability to win regionals. She is definitely in the running in the next Omni Music and Actor Youth Award. Ayla is nominated for the of the Top Soloists award.”

Ayla will be playing a role in the upcoming school musical  In the Heights.

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Camera and Editor: David Martinez

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