Lucy: A Book Review

If you’re the type of reader who finds the scientific aspects of Michael Crichton’s works to be interesting, then this book may just be the next best thing. Lucy is a thriller/drama book written by Laurence Gonzales about the title character, who struggles to fit in modern society.

Lucy is half human and half ape. She looks human, but has the genes and heightened senses of a Bonobo ape. Up until the age of 14, she lived in the deep Congo until their camp was attacked by a guerilla group. Primatologist Jenny Lowe found Lucy alone and a search was conducted for any relatives where Lucy could take refuge. After none were found, Jenny decided she would care for Lucy as she was the only person besides her father to actually come in contact with. After arriving in town, Lucy has to get used to urban noise, wearing clothes, and eating food “full of chemicals.” She must also learn to interact with students at her school and learn the teenage vernacular.  And most importantly, she must also earn the trust of everyone who fears her and her abnormality.

Although intriguing, this book is not particularly a page turner as was indicated. The beginning offered a lot of insight and was competent for a fairly new book, but as the book progressed towards the middle, Gonzales seemed to rush through scenes that could have made the book ten times better. The reader might feel cut off suddenly which will wane one’s interest disappointedly. Nevertheless, it is a good book with information on primate biology and how it was infused with human DNA in a mere 307 pages. I would rate the book 3.5 out of 5.

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