Gun Control: Against

It is pretentious to think that the safety of homes and schools can be insured merely by limiting the supply of legal firepower to citizens who purchase them and use them within the confines of the law. Adding more laws to control the amount of guns purchased would not act as a crime deterrent, rather it would allow crime to stay the same, if not worse.

Think of it from a criminal’s perspective for a moment. If you are going to break the law by assaulting, violating, robbing, or straight up murdering someone, then getting a gun illegally to insure success is peanuts in comparison. It would be encouraging actually to know that it is much harder to attain guns legally because the number of people who are actual threats to you, the people who shoot back, diminishes and so does the chance of being stopped or caught in time before the police arrive.

Crazy/irresponsible people are always going to exist and as long as they do, people can be hurt by them. Guns are tools, they do not operate on their own without human instruction. Even if they were taken away from the psychos, the psychos would just use something else as their means of slaughtering and disturbing the innocent.

Are kitchen knives, baseball bats, cars, and people with large hands going to require extensive legalization just because it is possible to harm someone with them? We as a country need to start pulling ourselves out of this state of irrational fear of inanimate objects and start directing our energy and focus at resolving the source of these problems, the disturbed killers themselves and the politicians who exploit our fears of them.

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