Escape The Fate fans are anything but ungrateful

The boys of Sin City are back! After two years, Escape The Fate brings out their fourth studio album, “Ungrateful.”

This album is heavier than their previous album “Escape The Fate.”  The new sound makes the band sound more mature and their lyrics are much more powerful. Of course, as this band did lose many fans since they got a new vocalist in 2008, I am sure that this album will gain them back and the fans will give them the respect they deserve.

Their single “Ungrateful” premiered along with a new video on March 7 which left fans speechless. The video is a warning about how bullying and violence can end lives and how people should end the cycle. This video left people wanting more from the band and excited for the album to come out.

The album was not set to be released until May 14 but Alternative Press streamed the album online for fans that could not wait. It was no surprise that fans gave positive feedback on the comments in the website.

This album is powerful and it comes with a great message behind the majority of the songs and personally, this band has inspired me ever since I was 13. Take a listen and maybe they can inspire you too. I recommend this album to those who have not listened to this band, those who have stopped listening to them , and those who need something new to listen to this summer. Be sure to pay attention to the music and lyrics before you judge the band. Check out “Ungrateful!”

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