Tim Robbins visits PAM class

Academy award winning director/actor Tim Robbins made an appearance at Hollywood High school in the auditorium on March 13. Robbins is the founder of “The Actors Gang,” an educational and outreach as a free afterschool program that has been offered to only Hollywood High and Bancroft Middle School. Tim Robbins has directed movies as The Heretic, City of Lies, Dead Man Walking, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, Embedded/Live, Bob Roberts, and many more.

The Actors Gang has been working with the students during the last nine weeks to help them find creative ways to manage their emotions and express themselves through the art of acting.

Judith Bridges, PAM English/Acting teacher said, “It was very exciting to have Tim Robbins here at our school, his actors come once a week and work with our students. It would be great for him to come back and give even more advice to our students.”

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