Swimming to Victory against Belmont High

The swim team won their meet against Belmont High School on Mar. 4, 2013. Though it was a preseason meet, the swim team took it as seriously as they would a real meet.

Both boys and girls won their races against Belmont because Belmont’s swimmers were mostly newcomers, making it an easy win. The boys’ team won 69-36 and the girls won 119-22. This swim meet was a practice round for what the swim team is to expect when the season actually starts on Apr. 3.

Everyone in the swim team was happy with their win and are looking forward to winning more meets this upcoming season.

Swim Captains SAS senior Rebekka Grammenos and TCA junior Chris Gamez are excited to see what their team can bring.

“The last swim meet was not as competitive as [the meet with] Carson due to Belmont not having enough swimmers,” said Gamez. “But swim this season looks really good and we look forward to competing against other schools.”

The swim coach, Vlad Lando, has been coaching at Hollywood High for 5 out of his 38 years of swimming experience and has led the team to victory numerous times. Lando said, “The goal is to take first place in the league and qualify for prelims.”

Swimmers are also looking forward to this upcoming season as well. New swimmer, SAS senior Luisa Iturbide, said “Swim is awesome! The people are great and everyone is really supportive. I love the sport. My only regret is not joining freshman year.”

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