Seniors Rise to Royalty

Touchdown for the Seniors in their win against juniors girls 32-20 at the annual powderpuff game last Friday evening. In this year’s game it was a close call for the juniors, seniors score the winning touchdown within the last two minutes of the game. Throughout the entire game Juniors were ahead in the game, seniors desperately were scared that Juniors might called victory.
The intensity in the field rise within the last two minutes when Senior Kelly Flores number 47  scored the winning touchdown. SAS Kimberly Sotelo scored two touchdown for the juniors putting the juniors ahead of the game for the first and second quarter.

After the pep rally the bleachers began to filled in. Drum line, dance guard and cheerleaders fired up the crowd as they watch the battle of Seniors vs. Juniors. Throughout the game referees blew their whistles countless of times calling out both the seniors and juniors. During half-time referees warned coaches that if they were to see anyone use violent tactics one more time the game would cancelled and over.
“It did not make any sense that these girls were hitting each other out there when they are both representing Hollywood out there and should have fun,” said Coach Lou.
“It was like Bernstein vs. Hollywood all over again,” said SAS Senior Ariadna Angulo.

After a month of intense training, Juniors faced a challenge when two of their players got injured the day before the game. This year’s game was intense between the juniors and seniors, both teamstheir all that evening and play a good game. Seniors once more made history winning against the juniors making the battle field their territory.

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Camera: Jesse Jimenez

Editor : Ashley Ramirez

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