Schedule changes may help students

Kimberly Lopez
Chronicle Reporter

A plan has been proposed for the next school year to help with budget cuts that eradicated most summer school programs and limited adult school.

The new school schedule could get rid of advisory, and reduce class time, adding more pressure to the already restrictive 53 minute class period.
A 7th period would be added so students can make up failed classes.
The reaction to this schedule is mixed. “Right now, we are just trying to create awareness about offering students a schedule plan similar to this,” said Principal Alejandra Sanchez.
I believe a 7th period would be beneficial, since it is not affordable to run summer school and pay teachers for their time.
Many students would be able to make up failed classes and graduate in four years. I
f some students do not need an extra class, they can take electives such as painting, cooking, drawing, or simply go home early.
The only downsides to this is that a 43-minute class is extremely short, and teachers wouldn’t be able to fit their lesson plan or help students who are having trouble.
We would also have more homework, but teachers and staff should encourage incoming kids to do their work, or risk having to graduate in more than four years.
I for one, need to take Geometry and the only way to make up my class is to be on the waiting list for adult school here at Hollywood High.
If we had seven periods I wouldn’t have to worry whether I get a spot guaranteed or have to travel to further schools.
Also, I wouldn’t miss advisory because it is basically 25 minutes of nothing.



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