Man on the street: What would you perform at Hollywood Idol?

Chris Urias, TCA, 12th
The song I would perform is California Love by Tupac because Tupac is my favorite artist. I’m from Cali, and I know he isn’t from Cali, but he represented Cali and put it on the map. So it’s showing the love.

Vada Morales. SAS, 11th
I would sing Scream by Usher because one of my friends doesn’t like it.

Chris Rivera, TCA, 11th
I would sing Good Life by Kanye West. The reason why is because it applies about everything that’s good in life. Some stuff is bad but it focuses on the good. Life is about stuff you’re not supposed to do, but it’s still good.

Leo Estrin, MET, 10th
If I was in Hollywood Idol, I would choose Vsem Tem Kto S Nami, it’s one of my favorite songs and I’m listening to it right now.

Sabrina Houde, NMA, 9th
I would choose Fences by Paramore because I love that song, and I would dance to it because it’s an upbeat song.

Interviewed by: Elliott Gatica & Victor Rodriguez
Photos by: Cristal Gonzalez


Video credit: 

Camera: Mike Melikyan  and Artur Didorenko

Editor:  Artur Didorenko

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