Dance Has Moved The Nation

R.I.P Gangnam Style, the Harlem Shake is in. Harlem Shake is the title of a 2012 rap song produced by DJ Baauer, consisting of simple beats and a bass drop that says, “Do the Harlem Shake.”

After this, one would proceed to dance in a wild, abnormal fashion, thanks to “Filthy Frank,” a YouTube blogger who started the whole craze. He uploaded the 30-second piece on Feb. 2, 2013, and since then, nearly 4,000 user-made copycat videos have been uploaded daily, inspired by him and 3 of his friends. Take heed, this is not the actual Harlem Shake.

The actual Harlem Shake is the popping of shoulders and moving from side to side, inspired by  an “Al B.” who lived in Harlem, New York at the time. For a while, the dance was called Albee but changed to Harlem Shake when it grew popular in other cities and states. Residents in Harlem discussed their concern and dismay when interviewed on video, unhappy that their local dance “had become a joke.”

During the Pep Rally leadership directed an all-school Harlem Shake. The performance was very entertaining and the sport teams seemed to have a good time while “performing.” Members of leadership proposed it be done during the Pep Rally to perk students up and then be posted to YouTube.

Happy dancing!

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