The DJ: Sergio Cuadra

Music brings natural ecstasy into life. The various aspects of it give it an important meaning to every individual. Its great inspirational qualities have caused a certain someone to stand tall (he is literally tall as well). Sergio Cuadra, also known as “Modern Rebel” on stage, is a mere teenager that wields the power to bring a dance floor to life.

He is a producer DJ ( a DJ who produces music) who has been doing this since the age of eleven. Cuadra’s main production genres are Electro House, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, and a bit of Progressive House.

“My dad made me want to DJ. Daft Punk made me fall in love with electronic music, and Swedish House Mafia made me want to produce electronic music,” Cuadra said. “And one by one, other artists just pushed my passion and love for it even further.”

On his days of productivity, Cuadra whips out his weapons of choice to dive deep into the ocean of EDM (Electronic Dance Music). This is where the multitude of inspirations kick in, ranging from Knife Party, Alvin Risk, Pendulum, The Bloody Beetroots, Justice, and Crystal Castles. Sergio’s weapons of choice are the VCI SE Ean Golden Edition DJ Controller, a Maschine, and the Traktor 2 program. He does more than just play a song and switch to the next while producing.

Do not fear his height- he will not bite! Cuadra is just the type of person who carries on a conversation beyond a simple “hello” and “how’s it going?” There is no such thing as being shy in his eyes. Friends are made instantaneously. That huge grin that resembles The Joker’s only means that merriment will obviously come out from what he has to say.

A friend of Cuadra’s, David Khudaverdyan (12th grade, SAS), says “he’s a really chill, fun loving dude, always happy, and makes music his life. Music is his life! You can never have a bad day with him.”
Music is the fiery passion in his life– no doubts to that. Behind the musician of the nightlife is the life of the responsible brother who knows how to spread the joy to his autistic older brother and his baby brother.

Besides the nurturing side to his family, his friends add fuel to the livelihood of this above-average height teenager.

Another friend of Cuadra- Estefani Luna (12th grade, SAS) describes him as “very cheerful and spontaneous. He’s good with music, and I am glad that he played for junior prom. He was better than other DJs.”
Raves, nightclubs, or just anything that is up and overflowing with the nightlife is what Cuadra truly favors. They are places where he seeks mental refuge. His aspirations will be achieved if he can one day play in iconic places all around the world such as Japan, Ibiza, Sweden, Belgium, Miami, Toronto, Las Vegas, and other major cities.

There is a very bright future for this young musician. Perhaps some day he can surpass the ratings of his personally preferred artists in the Top 40 charts and bring a smile to more than just himself, but the people who care for and support him. Modern Rebel’s hopes for keeping EDM “strong and diverse” will become a reality with his determination of adding talent to the potential of Electronic Dance Music.

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