Kaiser Permanente to fund 2013 graduation at the bowl

Kaiser Permanente is going to pay for this year’s senior graduation at the Hollywood Bowl.

The goal of raising $21,000 for graduation at the Hollywood Bowl was not met by the senior class who had been given catalogs and cash bailout options to help supplement the cost.

Kaiser Permanente granted Hollywood High $500,000 for health programs like the FAME club and the remodeling of the weight room. Because the g

rant was health based, the new sales device of catalog use was employed to avoid the sales of unhealthy food on campus.

“They [Kaiser Permanente] understand that this is a big change,” Principal Alejandra Sanchez said, “the money for getting to the Bowl will be allocated from the $500,000 grant by Kaiser Permanente as provided for in “a written commitment, part of a memorandum of understanding…Nobody gives you $21,000 for free.”

Because some students actually completed the sales or paid up for the bailout option, their money has become a matter of concern, since the school would have complications giving it all back. “It is very difficult to refund each person,” said PAM counselor Elizabeth Payne, “A little over half [of the senior class] needed it.”

It came to a point where seniors that fulfilled their fundraising obligations were able to apply the money as credit to things such as senior dues, the yearbook, sweatshirts, and prom tickets.

Kaiser is only expected to pay up for this year’s graduation. Next year, with the help of professional consultants supplied by Kaiser, the senior class will be expected to finance their graduation with a more healthy sales device which is yet to be determined. The lack of success from this year’s graduating class cannot be repeated without consequences. “If this happens next year, then I don’t foresee us graduating at the Hollywood Bowl,” said SAS counselor Cynthia Ross.

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